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Natural Elixirs – Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is considered to be the health food for longevity by those who use it and it has been so ever since the ancient times.

Its scientific discovery took place 60 years ago, when it was observed that many Caucasian native people lived for more than 100 years. After thorough research it was found out that, the majority of them were poor bee keepers who sold their precious honey to the rich families of the area, while they kept the “useless” royal jelly to themselves.

It was proved that their longevity was due to this jelly.

Its composition is especially rich in nutritional substances and its secret seems to be in the quantity of genetic proteins it includes, which are absolutely responsible for the renewal of the cells in our body. Scientists consider the Royal Jelly an excellent therapeutic agent for various diseases, as well as one of the most powerful natural antibiotics.

Namely, it contains 22 amino acids (all of which are necessary for the proper function of the human body), a multitude of inorganic essences and trace elements, sugars, 47 lipids and lots of vitamins.

According to the above mentioned research as well as clinical studies, Royal Jelly is an absolutely indispensable food, capable of regulating the human body so that it can function in the best possible way. The naturally balanced amounts of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins included have a positive effect on metabolism, help children grow, rejuvenate the tired and the elderly.

Moreover, Royal Jelly is a very efficient natural tonic for athletes, it renews physical and mental powers, protects the liver and bile and rejuvenates the genetic glands. It is worth mentioning that the Queen Bee is the only bee in the hive that is fed with Royal Jelly and not only is she the only one among the bees with the ability to reproduce and give birth to eggs but she is also the only one to live for 5 years (whereas the rest of the bees who eat the honey do not live more than 90 days).

Laboratory and clinical studies all over the world have proved that Royal Jelly has a positive effect on fighting the illnesses and diseases mentioned below:

Skin inflammations, stomach troubles, diabetes menopause, insomnia, sexual problems, ocular diseases, heart diseases, delayed growth, exhaustion, constipation, urinary infections, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism and neurasthenia.

It is also worth to mention the two very important components of the Royal Jelly, c-globulin, which is a powerful agent strengthening the immune system and 10-hydroxy-2-decenoid acid, which is an anti-cancer agent and also presents anti-fungal and bactericidal activity.

We see therefore that, once again, Nature gives us very powerful weapons in order to shield our bodies. Every attempt to produce it in a laboratory has resulted in failure. Nature will always provide the best solution and, note this: absolutely no side effects!